Friday, July 9, 2010

popular seo laws

The most well known and proven to bring success to the rules since we do seo "popular soe laws - one titled" We are continuing from where we left our summer.

1. appropriate page of search engine development

* Can be found

A significant proportion of the sites you build search engine friendly get. When searching for your content and may also have been indexed sure. not index your content, you can not expect to appear in search results.

to have them crawl your content and your primary goal should be to get indexed. accordingly, making your site accessible, and should be used. already contained in your site for accessibility and usability of the factors blocking the way when you remove search engines, whether this difference, we will reward you.
* Get rid of the flash and javascriptten

text indexing, search engines are doing an excellent job. So in this section of navigation javascript, flash and even get rid of the image.

If you want to make progress in screening, you must use the correct semantic html referanslamasını. For a list, "li", for table "table" design for "div" and the title for the "h1, h2" prefer such labels is the foundation of semantic encoding.

If I am flash and javascript-complacency, without them you do not do not worry. coming to your site, search engines, specially prepared, to route the appropriate interface to scan. visitors to the template you are using flash, and js ...
* Use the html sitemap

produced with a heavy heart when you can have your original content to make the search engines to help. Generate sitemaps. but do not use xml sitemap. html get your normal map. xml because it maps out various problems while backing up, and can scan.

html to create a site map link to list your home and other important pages. Your site "footer" on the bottom, called a link to your site, simply add the map.
* Make a correct coding

* The building code of your site to get clean and correct. in fact, search engines do not pay attention to the accuracy of the code. however, some significant coding errors, create barriers to scanning your page. Apart from these search engines attract the attention of your main content for your content, you must surround the semantic coding according to the rule. often reduce the encoding will reduce the error rate should be concise coding. pay attention to them as long as you have your content will be accessible. quick drop pages

The most important quality for speed faktörülerinden're a google. To speed up;
css tags from within his format.

css and javascript code in that file in your own store.

html document to keep it small in size to care.

that enable gzip compression.

his goal is always get the smallest file size.

* Quick drop pages and in the eyes of google and other search engines is a measure of the quality of your site. Always make sure your pages opening faster. Even today a day you will surely see the benefits. and other important topics

also some other issues that need to be careful;

Just make sure that semantic encoding. semantics of an application that can analyze your site visit, the pages will make sense of the advantage for the future. you're investing for the future of semantic coding.

o Pay attention to your internal links. The most important part of SEO is links. Site links to so dominate the text. Also each page of your site linking to another page do not forget. Your pages should not be a dead end. Spiders do not like it.

time from start to finish, then check all your links, make sure they work. the target page that is broken broken links, please clean up your link deleted.

klavuzunuz get to use it. How to provide more benefits to people, how to better use features of narrative. In doing so, add relevant links to that page. Site links of this image. makes it difficult to find is your pleasure. and to help people, but also provides more content to search engines will crawl.