Friday, July 9, 2010

The fastest firefox is available now

In firefox the fastest publication
fourth beta version of Firefox released

Of the world's most popular browser Mozilla Firefox has released the final version of the current beta. Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 version, the most obvious difference from the final version of the error mimimuma be downloaded.

smaller area than the top menu beta version provided an aesthetic appearance. Users of earlier versions of Firefox 3.7 and above may kindly be compatible with versions of the extensions and plug-ins easily collapse due to blocking features to be included among the pros. Google Chrome has been released with the release rate of the throne in firefox, this issue was discussed in the current beta version of the javascript engine, and for it to function more effectively and quickly developed. Google Chrome is available to refresh and stop buttons, one button feature in Firefox also been added in this release. My personal opinion is still lagging behind other competitors, although the version to be published towards the end of the year in the hope that it will solve the problem completely.

Innovative version download link does not even have to search anymore, mozilla team has thought of that too, in the current version of the bookmark section of the link was added to allow users to click. I want to download and install your own if you say there's extra features from the current beta version can be reviewed here can download from there you can start using immediately. I would also like to examine further the 4beta Firefox 2 If you can download from there. There are also useful to remember only this version is in pre-beta features have a higher likelihood of errors encountered.

- Crashing is almost zero, so I'd advise anyone with this beta version
- I can not to get used to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can not to give up, disk capacity, whether the waiver would receive SSD. Now, despite all the plug-in opens up to 1.5 to 2 seconds. Firefox for me will always continue to be the favorite because, like Firefox extensions Chrome decided not established. Every time I open Chrome "chrome could not close properly" warning and 3-4 days to receive a "file corrupted" error, I'm sick of seeing ...